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Sunday: Current tires



***This tire fits any rim and/or fork on our website and majority of Independant bike dealer Bmx bikes purchased within the past 3years.

Stacked official word:

"The Current Tire has a grippy 2.4" tread pattern with a good shape and tire width. It has an all purpose knurled block pattern for excellent grip and a light weight sidewall. It’s an affordable tire designed to make it easier for beginner riders to upgrade their bike and keep existing riders on their bikes. If you are looking for a slight upgrade from your stock tires, this is the wave to take. That is why this comes in at No.3 (#beststackedtire)


Size: 20" X 2.4"
Air pressure limit: 100psi
Terrain: street, park, trails

Shipping: $15 flat rate shipping for 1 or 2 tires

***Every Online order comes with a bunch of stickers and FREE stuff from your favorite brands. The more you order the more we throw in. Stacked Always giving back.