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Odyssey twisted PC pedals



The tried and true Odyssey twisted pedal is molded from the original mold, that is over 10 years old. Why is this pedal still being made after 10 years you ask? Because it is an amazing platform pedal with large pins and is moderately priced. This pedal has medium width and thickness bringing this at No. ? our #beststackedpedals

GOOD: Reasonably priced, large platform pins, tried & true strength

Odyssey's official word:

One of the most successful and popular pedals, and for good reason with its extremely simple, lightweight, inexpensive and famously durable plastic-bodied design. Available in a limitless supply of colors. Often duplicated but never replicated.

* 9/16″ or 1/2″ pedal threads
* High-strength plastic composite

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