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Nate Richter signature Primo Tire


^^watch this video for more info^^


***This tire fits any rim and/or fork on our website and majority of Independant bike dealer purchased Bmx bikes within the past 5years.

Stacked official word:

"The Nate Richter signature 2.4 inch tire is a fast rolling 110 psi high pressure tire designed to hold up tough on heavy street use. These tires have a reverse tread pattern which is reccessed below the tires surface. The center bead is a low resistant design composed of triangles to create the pattern. The outer tread is made up from hexagon and resemble a bees hunnie come structure. The tire tire tread drops off abruptly to provide a small rubber area on the sidewall for very fast grinds and less tire wear. The side wall is super thick to prevent pinch flats and blow outs. The sidewall has a nice Nate Richter hot patch and a raised Primo logo. This tire is available in the normal wide bead and a lighter weight Kevlar bead which is foldable. If you are looking for a fast rolling high pressure street tire that will hold up to anything you can throw at it, pick one up today and support Nate."


Tire size: 20" X 2.4"
Air pressure limit 110 PSI
Terrain: Street, Park
Wire bead weight: 30.4 oz or 1.9 lbs
Kevlar bead weight: TBA
colors: Black, off-white
bead type: wire bead, kevlar bead

Shipping & handling: $15 flat rate for 1 or 2 tires in U.S.A

Ships in 1-3 business days, not including the day your order is placed. Excludes weekends and holidays.

We accept all major credit cards & Paypal.

*To pay with Credit card or Debit card: Proceed thru check out til you see, "proceed to paypal" click the link then on the paypal login page click the bottom option " pay with debit card or credit card" to finish payment.

*To pay with Paypal: Proceed thru check out til you see " proceed to paypal" click the link, then on the paypal login page, login to finish payment.

***Every Online order comes with a bunch of stickers and FREE stuff from your favorite brands. The more you order the more we throw in. Stacked Always giving back.