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Demolition: Dennis Enarson signature Rig cranks



Stacked official word:
"The Dennis Enarson signature Demolition Rig cranks are a heavy duty 24mm spindle supported 3-piece cranks. The hollow heat treated crank arms are super beefy and have a beautiful screen printed axe logo on the front as well as a demo one on the rear. 9/16" axles mount to these crank arms and have a normal or micro drive sprocket bolt. Compatible with left or right hand drive these cranks will work with any wheel. The heavy duty 24mm Spindle makes your sprocket perfectly circle because the you won't need a sprocket hat washer. The hollow spindle makes this stronger and lighter than the all other sized cranks. The heavy duty spindle bolts come equipped with a 3/8 ratchet bolt to firmly tighten the cranks. Available with or with out a sealed Demolition Bottom Bracket. Buy a set today with a Bottom bracket and save $10."


Heat Treated CRMO arms with built in ridge face for added strength and stiffness
Forged 24 mm X 48T splined boss that sites flush to prevent ankle scarring
24 mm X 48T splined heat treated CRMO spindle
CRMO spindle bolts with 3/8" ratchet and 6 mm allen keyed by CNC'd
Available sizes: 170 mm and 175 mm
Weight: 31.6 oz. (175 mm)

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*To pay with Paypal: Proceed thru check out til you see " proceed to paypal" click the link, then on the paypal login page, login to finish payment.

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