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Cult: Sean Ricany signature grips


^^watch video for more info^^


*** These grips fit any handle bar on our website any 90% of all Bmx bikes on the market

Stacked official word:

"The Sean Ricany signature Cult grip is originated from the popular ribbed pattern and adds a wave to it to give it a super plush feel. This grips is a little bit longer at 160mm to wrap around your bars a bit farther and give you more gripping area. The rubber is super soft but last for a long time because it is made in the U.S.A. with ODI's special recipe. The diameter is slightly smaller than most rib patterned grips to allow your hands to wrap around the grips and get a better hold. The ends of the grips have a solid thick wave to make the last longer from dropping your bike and have a rad Cult logo on one side. These grips are protected with a heavy duty nylon barend that have a slot in the inside so your handle bar goes inside. This protects the handlebar end and allows a super tight seal against the barend and grips to keep dirt or grime out. This keeps your grips from spinning and getting damaged quicker. The barend is held inside super tight with a 4mm hex bolt that expands the barend inside your handlebars give it a super secure hold preventing your barends from falling out. If you are looking for a little bit longer grip that will last for a long time, buy a pair today and support Sean Ricany."


Length: 160mm
Inner diameter: 7/8"
Pattern: wave ribbed
Rubber: soft
Barend: Nylon expanding
Barend bolt: 4mm hex
Location manufactured: USA

Shipping: $5 Flat rate for 1-100 pairs of grips in the U.S.A.

Ships next business day, not including the day your order is placed. Excludes weekends and holidays.

We accept all major credit cards & Paypal.

*To pay with Credit card or Debit card: Proceed thru check out til you see, "proceed to paypal" click the link then on the paypal login page click the bottom option " pay with debit card or credit card" to finish payment.

*To pay with Paypal: Proceed thru check out til you see " proceed to paypal" click the link, then on the paypal login page, login to finish payment.

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